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NEXT! Foods, a leading food producer in the plant-based foods space, has launched a highly innovative, never been seen before premium range of delicious and fresh plant-based pasta sauces that are now available at over 550 Coles stores across Australia.

Made in Australia, the new sauce pouches were created by award-winning chefs from Michelin-star restaurants to enable everyone to enjoy the convenience of fresh, gourmet plant-based finish at home sauces without compromising on taste.

The first two sauces to launch are "Bangin' Creamy Carbonara" and "Super Saucy Bolognese", with a huge range to follow. Both meat and dairy-free, simply heat and add to freshly cooked pastas, baked potatoes and more.     

The super tasty sauces feature NEXT! Foods plant-based meat including NEXT! Bacon which was the first plant-based bacon to enter the Australian market, winning multiple plaudits for its realistic taste and texture. Unlike other plant-based sauces available, the new NEXT! sauces are found fresh in the chilled section and have a protein already added so there’s no need for that extra step or expense.

Biren Doshi, co-founder and CEO of NEXT! Foods says, "We are fanatical about creating incredible tasting plant-based foods for everyone. We believe people should never have to compromise on taste or convenience, whether you're a fellow foodie or a busy parent.

"Finally, after three years of development taste testing in our kitchens with our team of award-winning chefs we are hugely excited to launch this range of restaurant quality classics, which we believe are the most authentic tasting sauces on the market, and which can be prepared in as little as 90 seconds."

NEXT! “Bangin’ Creamy Carbonara” and “Super Saucy Bolognese” are available for RRP $7.50 each at over 550 Coles supermarkets Australia-wide from late September, 2023, with plans to export into international markets soon.

To learn more about NEXT! Foods, including recipe inspiration, find us on Instagram @nextfoodofficial or head to