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Coming soon to Collingwood, Orlo, a Mediterranean-inspired restaurant and bar on Oxford Street in the historic Dyason Cordial Factory, is expected to open in early June.

Seasoned hospitality owner and operator James Klapanis of Eastern Grace Group (St. Cloud Eating House, Young's Wine Rooms), who has more than 40 years of experience opening hospitality venues, has brought Matteo Tine (Grossi Florentino, Bar Carolina, Tetto di Carolina, and Pixie) into the group as Executive Chef and Creative Director after long seeking the opportune time to work together. 

“There's a profound joy in uncovering these hidden gems and crafting environments that serve as canvases for passionate chefs and hospitality enthusiasts to curate unforgettable experiences, I’m very excited to work with Matteo on this one,” says Klapanis. 

Under Matteo Tine's new guidance, who melds his rich Sicilian heritage with vibrant culinary influences, he has also assembled the new team at Young's Wine Room. This includes Head chef Simon Polkinghorne and Manager Chris Dobson, who are set to deliver a fun, fast-paced restaurant with a ‘bistroesque sophistication’. 

He shares, “With my Sicilian background, I primarily and instinctively lean on Italian cuisine, but I can’t help but recognise and use techniques and flavours from other countries and cuisines. That's why I am still super in love with what I do. I embrace it, and I’m enjoying seeing where things take me. especially at Orlo, where the food can be sophisticated and fun. And I hope that shines and is obvious in our dishes.” 

Orlo, inspired by the architectural term of support and foundation, is set to be a vibrant addition to Collingwood's dining scene and artistic hub. It will have multiple dining areas suited to all occasions: an alfresco lunch spot on Oxford Street, a cosy date night nook on the mezzanine, private event space in the enclosed courtyard, or a cocktail hangout in its downstairs bar befittingly called the ‘Cordial Club’.

Carlo Grossi, known for his work across Grossi Group's different restaurant styles, from easy-going wine bar casual environments through to luxury settings, will create a list that mirrors the Mediterranean style Matteo is bringing to the food while keeping the approach fun, bright, and accessible, ensuring a whole experience is available to all who come through the door. 

Heavyweight Joe Jones (Romeo Lane, Purple Pit) will consult on drinks and curate a list of signature cocktails, including seasonal cordial in old cordial bottles as a gentle nod to the building. 

Bartending heavyweight Joe Jones (Romeo Lane, Purple Pit) best known for his minimalistic, euro-centric style showcasing classic theory & vogue ingredients, will consult on drinks - curating a list of signature cocktails, including seasonal cordials (for use in-house and retail) as a gentle nod to the building’s rich history.

Seeking to elevate the 1880s red brick building to achieve a sophisticated yet relaxed finish, James Klapanis invited McCluskey Studio to collaborate on the project’s design. Kate McCluskey Kyle, Founder and Director of McCluskey Studio, sought to maintain the charm of the heritage building with a sympathetic interior that felt connected to its place. 

“We wanted Orlo to feel as though it has always been there,” reveals Kate “Familiarity and approachability were key,” Kate says, driving the design team to balance “historic and contemporary elements, create links between the building’s four spaces, and weave in James’ overall vision for the venue, including his collection of reclaimed materials and vintage furniture pieces were essential for a cohesive design outcome.”

Orlo will open at 44 Oxford Street, Collingwood, this June 2024. Orlo will be open seven days a week, 12pm to late.

44 Oxford Street Collingwood VIC 3066
Located at 44 Oxford Street, Collingwood, Orlo is a Mediterranean-inspired restaurant and bar, spearheaded by owner and well-seasoned hospitality professional James Klapanis and Executive Chef and Creative Director Matteo Tine. Housed in the former Dyason Cordial Factory, the historic 19th-century site will be transformed by McCluskey Studio into a multi-storey venue serving Mediterranean-inspired dishes for locals and visitors alike to enjoy a relaxed meal together.

Opening Hrs: Seven days a week, from 12pm until late

Function space:  Private bookings on the mezzanine and in the courtyard plus full venue hire can also be accommodated at Orlo.


Instagram: @orlo.collingwood

Private Dining Spaces and Capacity Orlo can also accommodate Private bookings on the mezzanine and in the courtyard, as well as full venue hire.

  • Main Dining Room 
  • Downstairs Bar 
  • Enclosed Courtyard
  • Mezzanine Level

Orlo Team

  • Director Owner and Restaurateur – James Klapanis 
  • Executive Chef and Creative Director – Matteo Tine
  • Hospitality Consultant – Carlo Grossi
  • Drinks Consultant – Joe Jones

 Young’s Wine Room

  • Director Owner and Restaurateur – James Klapanis Executive Chef and Creative Director – Matteo Tine
  • Manager – Chris Dobson Youngs wine room 
  • Head Chef – Simon Polkinghorne 

About Dyason Cordial Factory ​
John Dyason established the Dyason & Co Cordial Factory at 44 Oxford St in 1888, with the remaining building extending through to 63 Cambridge Street completed in 1889. As part of the growing temperance social movement, which sought to encourage people away from alcohol consumption, cordials and soft drinks expanded as a local industry during the 1880s and 1890s. The lime juice cordial was the flagship product, and this factory was often called the “lime juice works.” However, the company later began producing preserves, chutneys and tomato sauce. John Dyason became a prominent figure in the Collingwood area, becoming a member of the Collingwood City Council for Lock Ward.