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Strong, shiny and luscious. Who doesn’t want hair that matches that description? Dry and damaged will never be in style, so make sure you’re looking after your hair just as much as your skin. By adopting good habits and finding a dreamy hair mask, beautifully healthy hair will become a way of life.

Here’s how to make those little changes that make a big difference.


A Naturally-derived Hair Mask


Just like you want a treat every now and again - chocolate doughnuts, anyone? - your hair needs to have the chance to soak up some rich goodness, too. For results that feel so good, they should be bad, finding the best hair mask for you is a sweet, sweet discovery.

There’s no one hair mask that’s good for keeping all hair types healthy. Depending on whether you’re combating frizzy, coarse or colour-damaged hair, get yourself a hair mask formula just for you. Keep an eye out for coconut oil in your hair mask. It’s loved around the world for its hair protection and restoration properties, and is packed with vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates.


Don’t Neglect your Hairdresser


Everyone’s hair grows at different lengths, but it’s recommended that you visit your hair salon every 6-8 weeks. On average, hair grows around ½ inch every month and if your style is dependent on regular trims, you might want to make an appointment!

All hair types can benefit from routine chops, to get rid of dead ends and flyaways, and keep hair looking and feeling healthier.


Eat the Right Foods


While eating healthily is good for your immune system, increasing your energy and reducing your risk of disease, did you know it can also make your hair look better?

Foods full of Vitamin H (think peanuts, bananas and lentils) can strengthen hair to prevent thinning or brittle locks. For extra shine and a healthier scalp, foods like salmon and spinach are chock-full of Omega-3 fatty acids. Vitamin A actually helps to produce sebum in the scalp, which is known to condition hair, so up your intake of carrots and even cheese (yay!) for hair that looks and feels healthy.


Protect Hair from the Heat


Healthy hair needs to be respected. One of the best hair health tips involves being gentle with your tresses, and adopting good habits when it comes to heat.

Avoid overuse of straighteners or curling irons, which can strip the moisture from your hair and leave it looking dry and drab. When you do need to use a heat styler, show your hair some love by investing in a good heat protector spray.