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A strict criterion of naturalness, freshness, and purity is applied during the selection of materials to be used in the production of organic vape juice. To guarantee hygiene and safety, organic vape juice is packed discreetly after being manufactured. All this process is simultaneously carried out by Experts in the field of toxicology.

Natural ingredients such as vegetable glycerin, natural food flavor from plant extracts are used in the production of organic grape juice that gives it an effortless freshness.

The flavoring ingredients used in the production of organic vape juice meets the standard requirements for Vaping. To reduce adverse mucosal irritation on users, vegetable glycerin and 1.3 propanediol are used instead of the PG. It also caters to a user with an allergic reaction to PG.

To produce organic vape juice free from PG and nicotine, a strictly controlled environment is required. Additionally, organic vape juice has no substance extracted from animals, it’s purely vegan. To know much about E-juice and vaping, you can check Organic Vape Juice - Best Organic E Liquid & Juice Reviews 2018.

What organic e-juice contains

Organic vape juice contains PG, vegetable glycerin, flavorings, and nicotine.

Vegetable glycerin is carbohydrate extracted from plant-based oil such as corn.VG is an odorless, colorless and transparent liquid that has a sweet taste and with a high viscosity. Vegetable glycerin is used to produce a cloud of vapor in e-liquid similar to smoke used in the conventional cigarette because of its high viscosity.

Vegetable glycerin also produces a sweet taste and unlimited sensational hit when the vapor passes through the throat. Due to its thickness; the flavor created by VG is milder than that of PG because it does not thoroughly blend with the character. Notably; Vegetable glycerin is commonly used in a wide range of food products and as no health risks when consumed in the recommended amount.

PG is a synthetic liquid extracted from is nearly odorless, colorless and a viscous fluid with a very faint sweet taste and easily mixes with water and alcohol. It is used as a vaporizing base to dilute nicotine. When heat at low temperature, it produces a light vapor that is used in e-liquid.

To fluidify the final product of e-liquid, 5% distilled water is used since VG has a high viscosity. Additionally, 5% of ethyl alcohol is also used for harmonizing the components of e-liquid and for producing the necessary hit while vaping. The presence of a small percentage of alcohol in e-liquid also provides some level of sweetness when vaping.

Nicotine is an alkaloid that is produced naturally from nightshade families such as tobacco, eggplant, red pepper, potatoes, and tomatoes. Nicotiana tabacum is the type of nicotine found in the tobacco plant. The tobacco plant is used in the production of nicotine use in e-liquid because it has a high percentage of nicotine of between 8 – 14 percent.

The nicotine in organic vape juice is always in its pure and natural form because it is directly extracted from tobacco leaves using CO2 extraction method that is organic-compliant and has no chemical residues. Nicotine is both a potent stimulant and a sedative and is eliminated quickly from the body when administered in small dosage.

The overall nicotine concentration in an e-liquid ranges between 0 to 18 milligrams and depends on the dosage preference of the vaper.

What is the difference between VG e-liquid and PG e-liquid?

I guess you are probably asking yourself the difference between VG/VG e-liquid? Vegetable glycerin e-liquid is a bit sweet and thick. When VG is used in e-liquid, it produces a dense cloud of vapor. Besides, it causes a more delicious taste in e-liquid.

Whereas, PG is thinner fluid.PG e-liquid always produce a great throat hit as compared to VG e-liquid makes the vapor has a more feeling of smoking. Most people are more allergic to PG e-liquid; meaning a fraction of the population cannot use vape which contains PG.

Generally, if you are looking for a vape that produces more throat hit and more favorable, then PDG e-liquid is the way to go while when you are dying for having more vapor in your vape, the VG e-liquid is the best choice to go for. Click here to see the detailed differences between the liquids.


Vaping is offering an alternative to the conventional cigarettes and has appealed more to health-conscious vapers. If you still want to experience the same effect you get when smoking but doesn’t want to inhale all the harmful substances contained in common cigarettes, vaping is the way to go.